The Company
A young dancer is focused on becoming a principal dancer with her ballet company but finds it progressively harder to stick to the demanding schedule. As the pressure mounts, she grows preoccupied with other interests, including her boyfriend.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

This film doesn’t contain enough traditional ballet to satisfy dance enthusiasts, and not enough backstage drama to entertain average filmgoers. So who would get the most out of it? Perhaps cineastes seeking an insight into Robert Altman’s creative process, since he’s essentially putting himself on film here. The dancing, beautifully photographed though it is, is a metaphor for art in general, and the delicate means by which auteurs like Altman collaborate with gifted, egotistical performers to bring it to life. It is an incomplete film and cuts away too often from the dancing, but it’s a wonderful treatise on creativity.

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