The Hunted
Tommy Lee Jones stars as L.T. Bonham, a retired special ops agent enlisted to track down an assassin with a strange proclivity -- he makes a sport of murdering deer hunters. Bonham gets his man, but the killer escapes while being transported.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

It pales in the shadow of “First Blood,” but this bare-bones chase film succeeds by virtue of three crucial elements. First, Del Toro and Jones are good enough actors to convey their characters’ complex thoughts without uttering even a word. Second, the choreography makes their fights desperate, as both men grunt and struggle for ever-shifting control; it doesn’t look like “movie fighting.” Third, the movie goes for long passages without dialogue, keeping up the tension with music or a lack thereof. It would be better if they didn’t try to explain Del Toro’s motives (he’s crazy), but it’s pretty good.

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