The Immigrant
After arriving in New York, Polish immigrant Ewa must provide for her ill sister -- and soon falls under the thumb of charming thug Bruno, who forces her into a life of prostitution. But when she falls for a magician, her fortunes may turn.

Samir Mehta: “It ruled.”

Haunting. Moving. James Gray is a director I've long admired without really liking his movies much. This is a step up, demonstrably. The movie captures the epic sweep of the immigrant story in early 20th century New York while not losing character focus in that great scope. We get amazing set pieces and visuals in Ellis Island and earlier Manhattan while getting peak performances from Coitillard, Renner (never better), and Joaquin Phoenix. The movie lives with you in its shots and compositions and the very idea of its characters.

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Scott Hardie: Has Marion Cotillard made a single bad movie? Her presence almost guarantees that a movie will be pretty good. The only disappointing film that I can recall her being in was Public Enemies, and even then, she was very good in her part. − January 2, 2015 • more by Scott

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