The Muppet Movie
After deciding to pursue a career in acting, Kermit the Frog goes on a cross-country trek to find fame in Hollywood. Along the way, he meets Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and the rest of the Muppets cast, and voilà, the Muppets are born.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I'm sure I would have loved this if I had seen it as a kid. Compared to today's zippy entertainment, it's a dusty antique. I was surprised by how many long stretches were devoted solely to the plot and forgot to be funny. (The one part of the movie where there should definitely be jokes, even bad ones, is when Fozzie Bear takes the stage to do stand-up comedy. He tells exactly none.) The songs were excruciating and I just skipped over the rest after the first few. The movie looked exhausting to make, as the Muppeteers had to figure out how to expand their TV skill set for a much larger production scale, and pull off tricks like making Kermit the Frog ride a bicycle and do other full-bodied movement, so maybe they just didn't have the energy left for their usual charm and comic sensibilities.

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