Matthew Preston: “It ruled.”


Visually astounding and extremely appealing to computer nerds (they were actually using REAL unix/linux commands!). Going into this film, I expected a non-stop cheesy action flick that devoted itself to to kick-ass graphics instead of the storyline. Instead I was stunned to find the story to be extremely introspective, philosophical, and emotionally touching. There are so many layers to the background given about the "Grid" that I found myself pondering existence, religion, and societal norms.

There are moments that seem to drag on, but when put into context of exactly what the situation is, it all comes together nicely. Kevin Flynn says more than once that there is more than one solution to problems and that sometimes the best action is to take no action at all. He proves on at least two occasions that he is the most powerful being within his creation, but does not interfere with allowing his programs to make their own decisions. It's been more than 48 hours since I've seen the movie and I'm still pondering the enormous amounts of philosophy I took in.

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Scott Hardie: Great review! I'm interested in seeing it. I've heard bad things from Tron fans who wanted so much of it. It sounds like you expected not much at all and were pleasantly surprised. I'll try to adjust my expectations accordingly before I go. :-) − December 23, 2010 • more by Scott

Dave Stoppenhagen: I think you just helped me make up my mind to see it. I haven't been able to get pumped about this movie because of all of the hype. − December 23, 2010

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