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Rabbit in a Snowstorm (Daredevil s1 e3) released April 10, 2015 (where to watch)
In the Blood (Daredevil s1 e4) released April 10, 2015
Scott Hardie | July 4, 2022

Rabbit in a Snowstorm: This episode had a few weaknesses around the margins -- I don't believe that a failing newspaper would choose subway colors over a masked vigilante in a world full of superheroes as the way to sell more papers, but maybe that explains why it's failing -- but the strength of the John Healy A-plot was more than enough to carry it. The series was created with tangled knots of conflicting morals and relationships, and a professional criminal like Healy is a great way to pull at them. I also like that "Masked Man" (who is that guy?!) kept messing up and making things worse, from the jury tampering to Fisk's involvement. Owlsley's constant complaining is already tiresome and he's only made two appearances; on the other hand, Turk's brief appearance here is hilarious. (7/10)

In the Blood: Were the Russian and Spanish subtitles missing for you all during those foreign-language scenes? I notified Disney+ tech support in case it helps, but it's not like it was hard to tell what was being said, save maybe for the Russian prison scene which (I assume) helped to establish a bond between the men. I liked a lot of this episode, but it feels minor, like the show is slowing down and starting to repeat itself to pad for time: We already know that Claire is loyal to Matt, that Matt will rush to save someone, that Karen won't drop her investigation despite danger, that Foggy is unhappy that the law firm is so small, that Claire is just as capable of violence as Matt, that Urich takes his job seriously, and that Fisk & Wesley have little tolerance for failure, because the show has already told us all of that information. What's new and shocking is Fisk's capacity for rage, and for subterfuge: I loved the moment when all of the restaurant customers get up to protect Fisk and you realize they're all his bodyguards. Given the dialogue about how "I didn't even know it was here"/"it just opened last month," how likely do you think it is that Fisk had an entire fake restaurant custom-built solely to impress a date? (6/10)

Erik Bates | July 10, 2022

Rabbit in a Snowstorm

Vincent D'Onofrio man. Vincent D'Onofrio. Stellar actor.

I don't see Nelson and Murdock's partnership lasting if these basic disagreements *in front of clients* keep happening. Murdock is going to get himself caught if he isn't more careful with his crime fighting side hustle.

Erik Bates | July 16, 2022

In the Blood

I don't know what to say about this episode. The series seems to be slowing down, and I'm not getting a lot of development.

Erik Bates | July 16, 2022

Oh, and Scott, I didn't have any issues with the subtitles.

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