Scott Hardie | January 17, 2002
The following is a list of one hundred things I like. I didn't want to write this list.

It was assigned as homework by that teacher who I reported yesterday (two entries ago) that I didn't like. Five pieces of homework were assigned, one was used in class. When she was asked by another student at the end of class why she had us compose a list of 100 things we liked and bring 18 copies to pass out, she said that she only had us do it because she wanted us to get to know each other a little bit. I spent two hours writing this! Fuck you!

Anyway, so that I didn't compose it for nothing, here's the list.

new cans of paint
condiment packet collections
movie trailers
wet bars in homes
colored jewel cases
swimming goggles
plain hot dogs
pizza wheels
ghost stories
Scrabble letter tiles
riding lawnmowers
black leather jackets
pinball machines, old or new
postcards from places I've been
flow charts
carpet samples
shadow puppets
ice sculptures
leopard-skin patterns
old-fashioned mousetraps
clothes hampers
charity postage stamps
Tupperware containers
Rorschach tests
pine trees
breath mints
rolls of quarters
multi-colored dice
Hello My Name Is stickers
surge protectors
shower curtains with pictures on them
silly fonts
foosball tables
miniature golf scorecards
big sombreros
world atlases
sticker albums
whipped cream
final episodes of TV shows
Christmas lights on palm trees
models of the solar system
thick sweatpants
comic books
black ball-point pens
humorous neckties
elaborate hamster cages
sandwich boards
mood rings
jewelry boxes
wall-mounted television sets
green NyQuil
sexy poems
frank autobiographies
model train sets
strangers' tombstones
sand art
manila envelopes
new toothbrushes
firefighter helmets
flashlight beams
underwater photography
murder mystery parties
used matches (the smell)
old, worn leather wallets
colorful cocktail napkins
three-dimensional mannequins
wooden playground equipment
theater marquees
envelopes mailed from overseas
multi-colored dance floors
hula skirts
high school yearbooks
scrambled eggs with cheese
gargoyle statues
intricate stained-glass windows
themed bedrooms
matchbooks from bars
catnip (with cats)
newspaper personal ads
black sunglasses
fishnet stockings
sounds effects in Star Trek
air hockey tables
high-pressure showerheads
Chinese take-out boxes
striped barber shop posts
stereoscopic photography
drum solos
the Hollywood sign

Anna Gregoline | January 18, 2002
Two things I like: Scott Hardie and Scott Hardie's website.


Love you, Scott!

(Love the new background scheme too, by the way.)

Scott Hardie | January 18, 2002
Thank you! The quotes list on my home page is filling in nicely. (That, by the way, should be finished and online tonight.)

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