Kelly Lee | July 19, 2001
Hey, check out under the A.I. self made critic

I love it. A.I. was originally an idea by Kubrick, but after his death Spielberg took over. So the film is a bit scary Kubrick and bit warm hearted special effects Spielberg. Not a Speilberg film nor a Kubrick, but a Spubrick film. I think if I ever made a film it would be more of A Quenpike Spubricklee Joint. If Scott and I have kids their names would be Harelly Scottlee and Leedie Hardkell. Or maybe I'll follow Lori's example and name my kids after what they make me feel so there would be Painin Theass Hardie or Ouch Ouchouch Hardie.

Derek Sutcliffe | July 19, 2001
how about... YOUSONOFABITCH Hardie? or even WhineyShittyAss Hardie? sorry just always given suggestions =\~ snootchie bootchies

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