Denise Sawicki | October 6, 2005
Say, maybe Scott does in fact leave out categories to make a goo harder. Wouldn't this one be cross-listed in sports or something?

Scott Hardie | October 7, 2005
I had intended to put him in Sports, but I just couldn't figure how what he does qualifies as one. There's no organized competition nor officiating body as far as I could tell. He's not even mountain-climbing, and I didn't call mountain-climbing a sport when I published Edmund Hillary a few weeks earlier. Near as I could tell, he's just a guy who likes climbing buildings; the only thing separating him from the average nutcase on the evening news is that he's so damn good at it (that and he doesn't usually dress as a superhero). If I'm wrong, let me know it.

I'm off for a weekend trip. See you all again on Sunday, if I even have any spare time then. :-(

Denise Sawicki | October 7, 2005
By certain accepted definitions of "sport" you appear to be correct, however it seems to be described as an "extreme sport" on occasion. I wasn't thinking about it too hard I guess. Have a fun trip.

Amy Austin | October 7, 2005
I would tend to agree with you on this one, Denise.

Scott Hardie | October 16, 2005
I know this is a cliché by now, but I've been thinking about letting users tag goos with their own subject-based keywords, since my category definitions, being based in my personal opinion, are sometimes confusing and inconsistent. The problem with tagging is that it would be far more inconsistent, and besides, it raises the possibility of giving away the answer for current goos. (There isn't much point in only tagging expired goos, after all.) What do you think?

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