Scott Hardie | May 6, 2002
I'm in a "Myths and Legends in Literature" class this semester, which requires students to write three 5-page essays about the books we're studying. Optionally, some of us can take the "creative writing option" and compose our own 15-page myth, and of course that's the path I took. Since I'm out of color ink and it's formatted as a web page anyway to include the pictures, I put the finished version of my myth online for my teacher to read, and I'm happy to share it here, too. Check out Richard L. Rutledge, An American President. It was my attempt to marry the myth of the hero king to historical elements of past presidents that have been elevated to the level of myth. There are approximately fifty little touches throughout the article that tie the fictional Rutledge to the mythical hero king or to past presidents. This was a lot of fun to write.

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