David Mitzman | October 19, 2004
It's 12:45am. Shortly past midnight it is no longer.

Quoth the Hardie:
"I'll put up a difficult new goo each night just after midnight"

Who else is sitting up here waiting for the next one to arrive? I believe it's time for a full fledged declaration of shenanigans!

Anna Gregoline | October 19, 2004
Are you two in the same time zone?

David Mitzman | October 19, 2004
yeah, we also live less than 3 hours apart. He's on the Gulf Coast, I'm on the Atlantic.

Scott Hardie | October 19, 2004
Screw your shenanigans. I worked a 14-hour shift and got home after midnight. :-P

Believe me, I wanted to be at home putting up the goo on time. ;-)

What I wonder is, how many will get this goo right? Some, sure, but all four leaders? That may well happen, but I'm hoping for a slip-up (or three). This is the kind of goo that isn't hard to guess right; it's easy to guess wrong.

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