Scott Hardie | September 5, 2005
The idea for this themed week came up half-jokingly in conversation with a player a few weeks ago. It sounded to me like a really fun idea, so here it is. I'd also like to mention that I intentionally designed these seven goos to demonstrate seven of the most common gooing techniques that I use these days, but only gooing their faces and leaving the rest of the image alone. (In other words, there's a reason the technique looks so similar to each other and to other goos.)

Amy Austin | September 5, 2005
I think it's pretty hilarious myself... and the funniest thing is that I even saw the source image for the latest one and thought, "yeesh! Now that would make a nice goo..." Lo and behold, now it is!

Scott Horowitz | September 6, 2005
I personally like the "Weird Al" icon from the Bad Hair Day album.

Scott Hardie | September 11, 2005
Time permitting, I'd like to retroactively add icons to archived goos, representing all themed weeks and the Goo World Tour. I think they make the event more distinct.

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