Scott Hardie | May 16, 2002
I've wanted the soundtrack to Resident Evil 2 for a long time now, but it's very difficult to find online. I finally found it on eBay a while ago, and I bid $25.00 on it. All other bidders were no match for me, until the final seconds of the auction, when some ass-fucking sniper took it away from me with a higher bid. (I hate snipers, but that's another entry.) I made up my mind that if I ever saw the item up for auction again, I'd have to bid as high as $40 and hope that covered it. $40 is a lot to spend on music, even something this rare.

Anyway, that's about the time when I discovered eBay Saved Searches. I had a search run for "Resident Evil 2 soundtrack" and nothing came up for months except other items with similar titles. Finally, today, I got a hit, and went right to it. It had just started, and I was about to enter my bid of $40.00 when I noticed that I could "buy it now" for $10.99. So I did! eBay Saved Searches saved me time and money!

(Look, I know this sounds like a cheesy testimonial in a TV or radio commercial, but I don't mean it that way. I'm sincerely very pleased with that service. Plus I'm happy to be getting this outstanding soundtrack in the mail after years of wanting it.)

Lori Lancaster | May 16, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | May 17, 2002
Same here. About two years ago, I made up my mind that I was going to sell my old comic book collection on eBay. There were about 1200 items, to be sold 1-5 at a time. Well, I got through about 150 items before I got sick and tired of people bitching about packaging. First I shipped 'em in manilla envelopes that were too prone to being ripped by machines, then I shipped 'em in padded envelopes that weren't sent fast enough, then I sent 'em in cardboard Priority Mail envelopes that were too prone to letting the comics get damaged. No matter what I tried, even letting people choose what kind of packaging they wanted, nobody seemed satisfied. I got sick of the hassle and gave up. Now Kelly is reading what's left of my collection and I use eBay just for buying.

P.S.: I would be a little more inclined to put up with the hassle if I was making more than a quarter an item. :-\

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