Scott Hardie | November 5, 2002
Not many specific words of praise come to mind about this film - I'm speechless - but I want to urge you to see it nonetheless. It's the newest documentary by Michael Moore, and while he still wears his flaws and biases proudly, he's as gifted a filmmaker as ever - this is his best work since "Roger & Me." I laughed, of course, when the punchlines hadn't been spoiled for me by the press, but I was surprised to find myself crying, too, and crying repeatedly. Seeing people murdering one another, seeing our nation commit acts of de facto genocide, knowing that dozens of times every day, Americans kill other people, is strong stuff. I don't want to spoil Moore's conclusions about the source of American violence, because the way that he reaches them in the film is so compelling (and I say this without totally agreeing with him). But, I do strongly urge you to find out his conclusions, especially if, like me, you were raised as a sheltered white kid in the suburbs, and now as an adult you experience a constant, secret fear of someone stealing your belongings or your car or your wallet. Not many films come along that re-shape your outlook on life, but this one has done it for me. As an American, you should go to see this film. And don't forget to vote today, too.

Anna Gregoline | November 5, 2002
Even though, ahem, "Democrats are cheaters?"

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2002
Yes. I agree maybe 90% with Democrats, philosophically. I just despise the methods they use to "win" elections.

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2002
Did you say that because of my reaction to the film, or because of my plea to go out and vote today?

K. R. | November 5, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | November 5, 2002
Wow... I'm surprised the "I Voted" stickers in Colorado don't have little cowboy hats.

Anna Gregoline | November 6, 2002
Because of what you said earlier.

Scott Hardie | November 8, 2002
The new poll this week was inspired by "Bowling for Columbine," which considers numerous of the stated possibilities before settling on two of them. There are fifteen possible answers, so I expect many to wind up with 0 responses at the end of the week, but I'm curious to see what the chosen answers are. Start a topic if you would like to talk about this. I think it's an interesting subject, but I'm wary of giving away spoilers for this important film if I say too much. :-\

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