Scott Hardie | May 15, 2002
Anna just got fired from her job for writing about it on her weblog. She mentioned one of the company's clients in an old entry (now gone), then a service that searches for companies found the entry, and she was let go because of a "breach of confidentiality." The worst part, imo, is that there's no stated policy against this at the company - but now that it's happened, the company's going to have a word with all of their current employees about it, to keep it from happening again. It really bites to be fired from your job for breaking a rule that you didn't know existed (and may not have existed!) when you broke it. I'm fairly pissed about this situation right now. Let's have some words of sympathy and/or support for Anna.

Scott Hardie | May 17, 2002
You people all suck.

Anna Gregoline | May 19, 2002
No, they just don't like me.

K. R. | May 19, 2002
[hidden by request]

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