Andy Lee | July 29, 2001
Anyone ever notice how malls are now becomming children friendly? I went to Springhill mall the other day, and in the middle of the mall is a play area. This play area included bright colored plastic slides and a "garden" atmosphere. But there is a catch, you have to be 3 feet tall or under. Although it seys adults can be in there if accopnied by a child. Is this sign to make little kids feel better about themselves or does it make them feel more suporior? I dont think they care about the fucking sign, they care about the giant bug slides and the toys. This is an outrage, I cant let loose and be a kid for 10 min, I cant play in there....fuck them.

Scott Hardie | July 30, 2001
Are you saying that you want to play on the brightly colored plastic slides? :-)

I have noticed the dwarf train area where Marshall's used to be in the Charlestowne Mall. But that, I think, is only there until they can find something more suitable, such as anything.

Anna Gregoline | July 30, 2001
I, too, have seen the play area in Springhill Mall. It's terrifying...all those children swarming over dirty, sticky, plastic-molded shapes of food. I shudder to think of it now. Count yourself lucky you're tall enough to not gain entrance and big enough to go to the park and push little kids off the swings.

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