Dave Mitzman | July 31, 2001

Michael Van Vleet | July 31, 2001
If you're going to borrow the gentleman's artwork, don't you think it would be kind to make the image a link back to the artist's site?

Scott Hardie | August 1, 2001
Linking an image back to the source site is one of the rules of "Netiquette," isn't it? I fucking hate those rules. Besides, the URL of the site is visible at the bottom of the picture. :-P

Michael Van Vleet | August 1, 2001
Yeah, but the artist put that there as insurance against people just nicking the comic. Same reason there's a copyright notice. Doesn't excuse the lack of a link. See, first netiquette is ignored, then soon dogs are sleeping with cats and there's anarchy in the streets. It's a slippery slope.

Scott Hardie | August 2, 2001
Remember the Lawn Gestapo? Netiquette feels to me like rules of the Web Gestapo. I'll surf the web any way I please, thank you very much. (For the record, I'd be a little annoyed at Mitzman if he didn't mention or link to the source at all, except for the fact that the URL is right there in the image.)

Dave Mitzman | August 3, 2001
well i'm sorry to offend anyone netiquette fiend. if you really were interested in starting something with me you should post an email or your real name. i'm not afraid to do that. and besides that there is an url, it is properly showing where it came from. i put this up for people's enjoyment yet you seem to be the first to bitch about it, i care not, and i care not for netiquette. as far as i'm concerned netiquette can suck my ass

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