Scott Hardie | May 25, 2004
Dear Abby is just about the last thing I would have expected myself to get hooked on -- what's next, "Days of Our Lives"? -- but for the past few weeks, I haven't missed the column. That will probably stop unless the proportion of letters from teenagers goes down considerably. If a teen is experiencing a real problem, like child abuse or drug addiction, I'll read about it, but Abby has got to stop answering letters about everyday schoolyard crushes, such as this letter from yesterday:

DEAR ABBY: I have a huge problem. This boy I like, "Terry," told me over the phone and the Internet that he thought I was "hot" and he loved me, but his best friend's brother, "Rick," told me different. Rick said that Terry hates me, thinks I'm ugly, and I should never call or e-mail him again. Who should I believe? I'm really confused. -- HEARTSICK IN WAVERLY, OHIO

Somehow I don't think that's a middle-aged woman writing that. Nor do I think it's a problem to which any of Abby's readers over the age of 15 can relate. Why is such a letter printed? I don't think this column is worth keeping in the nightly rounds I make to favorite web sites.

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