Scott Hardie | November 2, 2002
I'm a registered Democrat and I usually vote for their candidates because we share most of the same principles. But god damn it, Democrats piss me off! They're some of the worst sore-loser crybabies I've ever seen. If something doesn't go their way, they go to the courts to get it overturned.

Of course the most famous example is when Al Gore lost Florida in 2000 and desperately tried to win it back in the courts. (As much as I admire him, I may never vote for him again because of this attempt to cheat.) And it just happened again a few weeks ago when Torricelli dropped out of the New Jersey race too close to the deadline, and the Democrats had to go to court and get a judge's permission to break the law to get Lautenberg on the ballot instead.

Now I'm reading about new litigation here in Florida concerning poll watchers. So let me get this straight: The Democrats fucked up, the Democrats didn't pay attention to the rules, the Democrats didn't do what they were supposed to do, and it's now too late for them to do it, so they're suing to prevent the Republicans from doing it fair and square? They fucking make me sick.

Scott Hardie | November 3, 2002
And it seems the Democrats won this one.

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