Scott Hardie | February 13, 2003
New York City has banned cell phone use during movies, plays, and concerts, whether the call is incoming or outgoing, punishable by $50 fine. (article here) Comments?

Lori Lancaster | February 13, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 13, 2003
This isn't about phones, just people talking in general: Last night I went to see "Adaptation," and late in the film there is an epiphanic moment when Donald Kaufman says something to Charlie Kaufman that completely changes his life. That moment is the climax of the film. Problem is, none of us in the theater heard what Donald said because of a woman talking loudly to her friend somewhere in the audience. People were hissing and booing at her for this, and it still took her maybe 20 more seconds to shut the fuck up. Fortunately Charlie later repeated the sentence, but it still robbed us of a moment the movie had been setting up for two hours.

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