Scott Hardie | April 19, 2004
Every time I read about the new "Law & Order" series this fall (such as here), the article invariably mentions what a guaranteed success the new series will be, and how every spin-off so far has drawn huge ratings. Uh huh, so that's why "Law & Order: Crime and Punishment" did so poorly in summer 2002 that it didn't even last thirteen episodes? That was the one that re-enacted real trials with real testimony, filmed in a documentary format. It was such a flop that people today don't even remember it, but I do, and I have the theme song on my computer to prove it. I don't care how many "Law & Order" shows they put on television because I rarely watch them, but it bugs me when people can't remember something existing less than two years ago. NBC is doomed to repeat its mistake if it does not learn from it.

Anna Gregoline | April 19, 2004
People seem to like pretending certain things didn't happen. I don't like it either, but it seems to be a trend. It's been shown that big organizations (i.e. the federal government) can ignore/pretend something has not occurred, and the American public will eventually forget all about it. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

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