Scott Hardie | February 18, 2003
Pets in Colorado could soon be elevated to the status of "companion" instead of just "property" if a new state law passes, according to a Denver Post article. This means that mourning owners could file lawsuits for "loss of companionship" for up to $100,000 if the veterinarian kills the pet. One of the most novel elements of the state law is that it's backed by Republicans, who normally adamantly oppose touchy-feely legislation in favor of businesses. What turned them around? Owning and losing pets, of course.

Retiree Jim Schwartz, who started pushing for the legislation after his poodle Moolah (how appropriate) died because of a vaccination, said, "This is watershed, this is landmark legislation. [Pets have] gone from the backyard to the bedroom. In this legislation, we're recognizing what is, not what should be." Hmm... Too bad the state of Colorado doesn't acknowledge homosexual unions that already are, just because it thinks they should not be. So a dead dog or cat is worth up to $100,000, while a dead faggot isn't worth a cent? Thanks, Colorado Republicans: You've shown us what touchy-feely really is.

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