Scott Hardie | December 4, 2004
It seems this site is the Awful Link of the Day (link) over at I guess that explains why so many users signed up today with names like "Fuck You" and goo guesses of "Fuck This Stupid Site." Here's to half an hour of cleaning up the database...

Denise Sawicki | December 4, 2004
well that wasn't very nice of them...

Hey, weird, my website got 5 hits today from people linking from yours. I normally only get one hit a day total. Some bored people are reading that site..

Anna Gregoline | December 4, 2004
Man, SomethingAwful has really slipped, haven't they? They used to only slam sites that really deserved it - you know, ones with mispellings and MIDI and fluffy kitten animations?

I'm really sorry that they did that to your site, Scott. What morons.

Scott Hardie | December 4, 2004
Well... Part of me is tempted to interpret it as a bona-fide endorsement that is written in the snarky, mean-spirited irony that I despise so much. In online etiquette, isn't a link only supposed be provided when you actually endorse something on the other end, whereas a non-linked URL signals contempt? (Maybe not, since I linked back to them. But then again, neither they nor I care at all about Netiquette.)

Anyway, that their link is a compliment disguised as a humorous insult is a highly unlikely scenario, and I choose to interpret it as an attack. I'm not really concerned about it, though. That site represents the kind of intelligence pollution that I built this site as a safe haven against. There are a thousand web sites like theirs, but only one site like mine; I say that not as a statistical estimate but as an observation about the value of each. Let them have their awful and be happy with it.

Scott Horowitz | December 5, 2004
maybe you should close new accounts for the time being?

Scott Hardie | December 6, 2004
Nah, it seems to have dropped off. They only keep the link on their main menu for two days, so I only got about a half-dozen new people today. If I really wanted to deny those users, there are plenty of ways; off the top of my head, I could keep a list of IP addresses that clicked through from that precise referrer, and have the pages load a rejection message if accessed by an IP address on that blacklist... But like I said, it's not necessary. This will just create a temporary spike in the users, and put the Cartoons & Comics goo at the top of the most-guessed list, and in a month those people will drop off the grids page and we'll forget all about them.

Scott Horowitz | December 6, 2004
I found this funny. Up on the menu bar it reads this: "You are here: Home, Tragic Comedy, Current Discussions, Fuck This Stupid Site" It just looks funny.

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