Amy Austin | July 20, 2005
... to everybody but Chris!!! ;-D (Sorry, but I was getting a little bored with the same ol' title, Chris -- Happy Birthday! ;-))

BTW, I'm dying to know if you had the same guess I did for (0600)... since your guess came in around the same time!

Scott Horowitz | July 20, 2005
Now I have that annoying song from Alice in Wonderland stuck in my head, thanks a fucking lot Amy

Amy Austin | July 20, 2005
Well... no problem, my pleasure! I guess we can call it even now then, can't we -- Mr. Fantana...

Scott Horowitz | July 20, 2005
Touche........ Now I'm just going to have to think up more clues like Becky to make you lose sleep.

Amy Austin | July 21, 2005
Didn't make me lose any sleep... just my mind.

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