Lori Lancaster | March 14, 2003
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | March 14, 2003
It's kind of mezmerizing...yes, Scott, of course I'll do your bidding.

Scott Hardie | March 14, 2003
Hey, this is scaled back... You don't want to see how I had it originally.

Angela Lathem-Ballard | March 14, 2003
It just reminds me of the bottom of a shoe but I can see how it could inflict dizziness at 3am

Scott Hardie | March 14, 2003
It makes me want to drink Pepsi in bowling shoes. "Pepsi Presents: Freedom Comedy"?

Anna Gregoline | March 21, 2003
I forgot about the background, and I scrolled really fast - man. Better than that hip new drug all the youngins are talkin' 'bout.

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