Scott Hardie | September 3, 2005
I know that is already devoted to this subject, but their polls are unsatisfying for me, because the TV shows that I want on DVD are not what most people want. For one thing, I want to see VH1's "Behind the Music" on DVD: It's repetitive, absolutely, but I found most episodes riveting and it introduced me to a lot of great music, and I'd love to see as many episodes as possible. Currently Netflix has only the Megadeth episode, which is surprisingly good in its own right (it really is as probing about its subject as "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" should have been), but I want more.

I know I'm crazy to want this, but I can't shake the desire to watch the complete run of "Saturday Night Live." As much as 80% of the show was lifeless filler, but when that show worked, it could strike a raw nerve like no other. I want to see the entire decades-long run from start to finish, not these lame-ass unsatisfying "best of" DVDs they've been publishing instead. Show me the good, show me the bad, show me it all, even the lousy years and the performers I can't stand. I want to discover that show's true diamonds in the rough for myself.

What shows do you most want to see released on DVD that haven't been?

Lori Lancaster | September 3, 2005
[hidden by request]

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