Derek Sutcliffe | July 25, 2001
i dunno you tell me

Is it just me or does Anna nver have anything positive to say...? i realize that i make "racist" remarks once in a while...but i am mostly fun going and happy (somtimes) but lie ive been reading all of the comments and i could not find a positive one that Anna had wrote about sorry if this pisses you off but like maybe you just dont respond to the ones that would be positive from you. PLEASE try and write some positive comments your making me think that you are some evil dark scary person that only likes to critize things and bring people to think on your level of though...hence the Tongue ring...if andy wants to do it let him do it...dont try to scare him outta it...-sorry

Scott Hardie | July 25, 2001
I think I'm mostly going to stay out of this one because you're both my friends and I like you both.

+ for Derek: Good entry here. I can't say I hadn't noticed the same trend.

+ for Anna: Andy's post about tongue piercing was literally asking surfers of the board what they thought, and Anna told him what she thought. She wasn't out of line.

Anna Gregoline | July 27, 2001
I agree with Scott. I was being negative because I didn't agree with the tongue piercing. I AM entitled to my opinion. And I wasn't trying to scare anyone out of tongue piercing, just trying to relate the facts that most people aren't aware of. I don't check this board that often, so I don't comment much on anything. And if you have a problem with me, or want to talk to me, why don't you send me an IM? My IM is Agreanner.

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