Scott Hardie | May 2, 2003
This week's corner photo, which I warn you is graphic if you don't like seeing injuries, is inspired by my leg cramp this morning. The cramp happened, I think, because I was anxious to wake up. I went to bed at 10pm after eating dinner, and a phone call from a friend woke me up for an hour at 12am. After this, I had to get up at 4am for work. I was so nervous about sleeping through the alarm that I slept lightly throughout the night. And so when the alarm did go off, I instantly flipped over to turn it off, but I flipped a little too far... I wound up face-down on the floor, my leg folded behind me quite painfully, my calf cramping up like a bitch, and the alarm still ringing outside of my reach. Needless to say, I swore all the way to work.

Jackie Mason | May 4, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | May 4, 2003
To my knowledge, yes. I got it from

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