Scott Hardie | February 24, 2002
There's an organization out there that, every year, 'retires' phrases that are overused in our culture. I don't know their name or what time of year they come out with their list, and I'm too lazy to look it up. But I like them a lot. They retired "24-7" (way late!) and "wake-up call" last year. For the love of god, I hope they retire "let's roll" this year. I read that it was copyrighted by the widow of the guy who said it on the plane, but it's everywhere, from Bush's State of the Union address to the new Air Force logo. (For the record, I'd also like to see "lashed out at" retired as well.)

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2002
Oh! And "ghetto fabulous" - how could I forget that one?

Any other suggestions?

Anna Gregoline | February 24, 2002
I never even heard about the "Let's roll" thing till like, last week. I think I will keep up my current media blitz. Wait, does that mean what I think it means? I think I mean the opposite of that. Whatever.

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2002
I always thought "media blitz" meant a person was appearing in the media a lot, on purpose, to promote something. Oh well. That's another phrase that can be retired. And the use of "real estate" to describe something other than actual land.

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2002
And the word "diva" being used to describe anybody female. I guess it's a word-reclamation thing, trying to make the word positive, but is "diva" in any need of being made less negative, like nigger or queer?

Anna Gregoline | February 25, 2002
I don't quite understand your "diva" comment. What did it mean originally then? Why would it ever be considered negative? This is important, my car's name is "Diva."

Scott Hardie | February 26, 2002
Besides the original meaning of the word ("opera singer" if I'm not mistaken), it has come to mean a prissy bitch, like a prima donna. It's a derogatory term for a woman who is bossy and/or attention-starved. But it's rarely used, which makes me wonder why reclamation is necessary. I would think "bitch," which means essentially the same thing, would be more in need of that treatment.

Anna Gregoline | February 26, 2002
My personal meaning is "Fabulous lady," but I know of that other meaning. I associate it most with drag queens, actually.

D. R. | February 27, 2002
[hidden by request]

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