Scott Hardie | October 18, 2002
In the three or so months that TC was offline, I stored all the interesting links that I came across in a folder. My plan was that the new TC would have some kind of "links" page to which I could add them when the time came. Well, that never really got implemented, so now I've got all these links that I don't want to see go to waste. I'm just gonna put 'em all in one big-ass topic. Enjoy.

Speed Stacking - Click the video clip to see something neat. Given to me by Anna.

The Brick Testament - Kelly sent me this version of the Bible told with Lego bricks. Just like the real Bible, it's impressive for how much work was put into it, but it's no fun once the novelty wears off.

Pay Teachers More! - The math is accurate, but the results are unfair because teachers don't get paid per kid, and shouldn't. But it's still eye-opening.

Twin Towers: The Theme Park - Think about it before you get too mad, and click the "About Us" link if you still don't get it.

Julia Child Uncensored - Well done and funny. Something I would have done back in 1996 or 1997.

Bees Attacking a Florida Palmetto Bug - It's not a Palmetto bug, it's a Florida woods cockroach (they look quite different), but it's still a vengeful pleasure to see this, as a Florida resident who sees way too many goddamn cockroaches.

The Pop vs. Soda Page - Man, Kelly and I used argue about this too much. Illinoisans say pop, but I was raised saying soda because my parents were both from the east coast.

Ron Newcomer's Celebrity Photographs - I found this while looking for pics for the goo game. This man is a celebrity-photographing machine.

IFOCE Competitive Eating Records - That's more mayonnaise than I could eat at once, I can say that much.

Comedian Trailer - Here's the popular and funny trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedian" documentary, in Quicktime.

The Meaning of Life - Not as in the "purpose" of life, but the "definition" of life. Well-considered.

Fake Monopoly Cards - Funnier than they have any right to be. Two pages worth.

Roadmen Paint Badger - Don't click if you don't want to see roadkill.

I Used to Believe - A collection of silly ideas we had when we were kids. Submit your own.

Martha Stewart Swearing - More mudslinging against Martha.

Pee-Mail -This one came from either Dave Mitzman or Dan Donovan, I forget which, but he didn't find it all that funny either. Interesting concept.

Saline Scrotal Infusion - Do you like men with big balls? What if they inject saline to inflate their scrotums like balloons? No kidding.

Standing Ritual - A well-deserved rant against the overuse of standing ovations, from the LA Times.

Howard & Nester Comics Archive - I wasn't the only kid who grew up reading Nintendo Power. This evokes serious nostalgia.

Lucid Dreaming F.A.Q. - Trying to gain control over your dreams? This will help.

Roman Numerals and 1999 - I wondered why 1999 is not MIM in Roman numerals, and this page was interesting beyond just the answer.

Highway Patrol Officer Stops Runaway Vehicle - It's a common fear that your brakes will fail on the highway, but wouldn't it be much worse if your accelerator got stuck instead?

Big Bang Brings Toys to Life - It's a real-life horror movie. - Man, I wish this stuff was real. And that I could afford it. And that I could get away with using it against people I don't like. Damn.

The Amazon Connection - I found this when doing research for Web Page Survivor 4. I don't know why I kept it, but it's marginally interesting.

State of the First Amendment - 49% of those surveyed said that the First Amendment goes too far in protecting citizens' rights, a ten percent jump since before September 11. Do you agree with those 49%?

Women Welcome Women Worldwide - Tired of not feeling safe when traveling abroad alone, women in Europe created an organization that let them stay at each other's homes when they traveled. Great idea, I think.

Autographed to You - If you want personalized autographs from celebrities but don't have the opportunity to meet them, try this site. You pay the site, the site gives the money to charity, the celeb sends you a personalized autograph in the name of making money for charity.

Why I Want to Be a Teacher - More teacher motivation. This one's less cynical though.

The World's Worst Landlord? - She's suing for $27,000 unpaid rent after her tenants were killed on September 11.

Privacy Corps - This site sells some interesting gadgets to help you get rid of telemarketers. Unfortunately, not one of them is superior to just telling each telemarketer "put me on your do not call list" for a total cost of zero dollars.

Arresting Images - is famous for their mug shots of celebrities, so they put them all in one directory. Yasmine Bleeth and Nick Nolte are my favorites.

The State Quarters - A mean-spirited but funny consideration of ugly state quarters.

The Wedgie Murderer - And my libertarian friends wonder why I'm in favor of stricter gun laws.

Southern Recipes - Fan-submitted recipes from the web site of the band Southern Culture on the Skids. Some of these I'd like to try, actually.

Voice-Over Demos, Men - The William Morris Agency has sound clips of its actor clients recording sample voiceover demos for commercials, in hopes of finding work. Uncannily funny.

Voice-Over Demos, Women - Same thing, with actresses instead.

James A. Leach, Representative - This congressman wants to ban credit card companies from taking orders for overseas online gambling web sites. It's a little tiny outrage compared to Iraq and the economy and our other problems, but it's still an outrage.

Do It Yourself: Stop Spam - More anti-telemarketing info. This gives you phone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses to contact to stop spammers from bothering you, and gives you a lot of good preventative advice.

The James Randi Foundation - Debunking crap claims about the supernatural, and doing it with style. I love their million dollar challenge. - Now THIS is a fun idea for a web site. Tell the time with photos of people holding up numbers. Refreshes every sixty seconds, naturally.

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