Scott Hardie | July 5, 2002
I normally don't like it when weblogs have links as entries too often - make a list in the sidebar if you're going to have that many links - but today I have a lot to share. Kelly found the poet Sidney Lanier after whom Lanier Drive is named. She also found this page of Star Trek Top Ten lists, to which I had contributed five lists back in 1996. This weblog, MoonLemon (man I hope that name is making fun of TC, VT, and SS), has appeared on the web. I'm not supposed to say who writes it (someone we know), but anyway, it's damn good. In movies, I can't believe they're making a sequel. The first one made no profit and was regarded as a piece of shit, and the sequel's scheduled for mid-summer release. It's gonna be a huge flop. Finally, while I am very disappointed in the development of T3 so far (I don't mind that they're making it, but HOW they're making it), these photos from the set look interesting. (Some spoilers.)

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