Samir Mehta | May 21, 2022
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Scott Hardie | May 23, 2022
You're certainly not the first person to think so. People have been making this complaint since the MCU's "Phase One," but everybody has a different threshold for how much is too much.

Me, I'm fine with the amount that they're currently producing in terms of keeping pace with it, but not in terms of quality control. I became such an MCU fan over the last decade because they had such a long uninterrupted streak of great entertainment, but that streak has been broken by several disappointing and outright bad titles in the last three years. I'd much rather have quality than quantity. I now look forward to each new title a little bit less than the one before it.

Specifically regarding Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the only two essential titles that it builds upon are Doctor Strange and WandaVision, so it was probably wise to skip it for Heather's sake. It makes passing references to several other MCU titles but there's nothing critical to know.

Have you considered guides online for catching up on shows and movies that you missed? Disney+ has a series called Legends that recaps previous titles when a new one comes out; for instance, a few weeks ago they released little episodes about Stephen Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff. Plus I'm sure there are recaps on YouTube and various websites. I realize that these contain many spoilers by their nature, but if you won't ever have time to catch up on the old content (especially at the rate that more is coming out), it might be the best route.

The MCU Spider-Man films are worth catching up on. You can stream each one on Amazon for a few dollars. (They're coming to Disney+ someday in the future, probably 2023-2024. The contracts between Sony and Disney are weird.)

And if you're looking for a fun multiverse movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once is much better.

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