Scott Hardie | August 24, 2003
For any fellow cat owners who are interested, I discovered a fun game/prank. I just happened to be surfing Mat K's eyeEnvision, listening to this Flash animation of a cat rock band, when the shrieking lead singer got my own cats worked up in confusion. I shut down the animation and searched for cat sounds online. For the next twenty minutes, my cats went nuts, searching around the house and crying out, looking for the mewling kittens and howling cats that were invisible somewhere near my desk. It was a little mean of me, sure, but at least it gave them something to do other than stare at the wall for twenty minutes like normal. Try it out.

Anna Gregoline | August 25, 2003
On the first link that comes up, cat11 makes my cat very interested. She jumped on the desk and investigated the speaker. Most of the others noises she ignored, and the angry cat ones made her leave.

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