Scott Hardie | June 27, 2002
Tonight Kelly and I happened upon "Star Trek: Voyager," but instead we thought for a moment that we were watching "The Cosby Show." Janeway and Tuvok were investigating a control panel.

Janeway: "We can escape this prison if we can just adjust the inversion matrix!"

Tuvok: "Girls can't adjust any inversion matrixes!"

Janeway: "What?"

Tuvok: "My older brother says, inversion matrixes are for men only. He's a Starfleet engineer."

Janeway: "Whatever, Bud."

Tuvok: "My name is Lieutenant Tuvok."

Janeway: "Sure thing, Bud."

K. R. | June 28, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | July 1, 2002
You are welcome.

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