Scott Hardie | November 12, 2003
Well, I had just submitted ten paragraphs about my six-day trip to Milwaukee when the site went down for a minute, losing my discussion in cyberspace. Mainly I wanted to thank Matthew Preston, D R, and Angela Rehn for showing me such a great time. Here's one word on each highlight of the trip:

flying to Milwaukee: boring

Matrix Revolutions: wow

Survivor Pearl Islands: fun

seeing Peoria again: eh

seeing the Rehns: worthwhile

Thieves Guild: complicated

Dynasty Buffet (formerly New China Buffet): satisfying

finding Two Towers Extended Edition for sale on Saturday 11/8: sweet

Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition: easy

new FIN post: unfocused

Packers game with beer & brats: appealing

Packers losing with 0:31 left: boo

Super Monkey Ball 2: frustrating

Milwaukee airport security: aggravating

being home again: relief

Scott Hardie | November 12, 2003
Oh yes, and I also wish to thank Scott Pugely for not showing me his ass at any time.

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