Scott Hardie | March 29, 2005
For those not following along in TC, an incident happened yesterday in another discussion (link) in which Lori Lancaster, requestor of this goo, gave away the answer because she did not realize the goo was still current. Lori quickly deleted the comment, but not before several players saw it and guessed. Scott Horowitz admitted to taking unfair advantage; Denise Sawicki claimed to have known the right answer beforehand and offered proof. Other players may have seen the right answer and decided to wait a day or two to make their guesses, so that it wouldn't seem like they were taking unfair advantage.

After some consideration, I have decided to re-post Lori's original comment, with the celebrity's name deleted. This information is all that is needed to guess the goo correctly. Those who guessed wrong already have had their guesses erased so that they may try again with the new information. (No player had yet damaged their grid with this goo.) In my judgment, the most fair way to address the situation is to let all players take advantage of the information that benefitted Scott and possibly Denise.

This was Lori's comment (my notes in italics):

(link) (English/Domestic Distributor for the band. Short history.)



Ever seen the movie "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" ? In it, there was this song called "Spirit Dreams Inside." That song is done by L'arc en Ciel, lead singer [name deleted]. This was released world-wide with the movie. They've also done a US concert, and have a couple cds released domestically. (that being said for their exposure in the US). Currently, they are planning an international tour (Shanghai and Korea).

This is the explanation I had sent Scott, copy and pasted here:

Angelic refers to the source for this image. It was taken from their "Sense of Time" tour, and the song used is "White Feathers", behind them is a huge outline of a cross. Also, at a time when most other japanese groups were wearing all black, L 'arc en Ciel wore white. [I used a different source image than Lori sent.]

His second solo release is called "Angel's Tale." Which, I suppose is the best reason to use the phase "Angelic singer" ^_^ Oddly enough, he also has a solo album called "666" hehhh

Dreams refers to the song "Spirit Dreams Inside" which they did for the final fantasy movie (which anyone who saw it at the theater would have heard during the credits).

Clear Eyes refers to another very popular song of theirs called "Blurry Eyes" that was done in the early 90's and most people who have been exposed to Anime have most likely heard this.

As for their popularity in the US, they have played 1 concert in Boston this past summer (2004) that I know of, and have at least one cd (that I can remember) -- actually, they have 2 out domestically, not counting the several they have out in Japan--out on sale at most major retailers.

They do the introsong for Full Metal Alchemist on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), and as mentioned before they have done that song for the Final Fantasy movie that was in theaters nationwide.

I intentionally chose not to make mention to the gender of the person.


1. domestic music releases: (link)

imports of music (link)

Domestically released movie "Moon Child" (link)

2. Official Site (English) : (link)

3. Overview of the band on Project J (lists other very well known/influential Japanese bands/musicians) (link)

Scott Hardie | March 29, 2005
For the record: I don't "invalidate" goos or cancel them. I never have, and I probably never will. Remember, I consider the daily play of the game to be much more important than the competition, so if the competition happens to get tainted by an answer or a big hint getting leaked, it's still not worth canceling a goo that people had been playing.

Also for the record: I believe Denise that she knew the answer already, and I regret that she won't get a Golden Imelda that might have been hers. And I'm glad that Scott Horowitz owned up to it; he could have pretended otherwise.

Lori, there's no need to kick yourself if you have been. It was an honest mistake and we all could have made it, requestor or otherwise. Thanks for providing your original comment; re-publishing it seemed to me to be the best solution.

Denise Sawicki | March 29, 2005
Hey Scott, sorry if I was unclear. I did in fact see Lori's comment before she deleted it and before I made my guess. I wasn't trying to say otherwise, although I may have been unclear. The correct answer turned out to match the answer I had been intending to provide. If I had been *sure* of the answer before she made the comment, however, I clearly would have made the guess earlier. and should have :) I wasn't trying to be dishonest in making the guess after she made the comment, I just saw that Scott Ho had guessed apparently because of her comment and figured if he was going to do it, I would too... jumping off bridges and all...

Scott Horowitz | March 29, 2005
I do want to say that I feel I did not use unfair advantages to find this goo. The advantages I used were entirely fair. Unfair, would me be hacking the site for the answer. Fair is seeing the answer right in front of me.

Denise Sawicki | March 29, 2005
true enough Scott...

Anna Gregoline | March 29, 2005
Wow, that's obscure.

Mike Eberhart | March 29, 2005
That's what I said earlier.....

Denise Sawicki | March 29, 2005
You've got to use psychology... I used the handy site search feature and found Lori mentioning some bands she liked in this thread: (link) . Unfortunately, now that I have revealed this secret, I am sure Lori will never again request a goo of anyone related to any band she has mentioned on here :-).

Mike Eberhart | March 29, 2005
Oh, I did something similar to that. I went to Lori's Bio page, which used to contain much more information than it does now. I also tried to go to her website, but it was no longer online. After that, I just started thinking of singers that I knew that kind of fit the clue. I knew that it was going to be some Japanese singer, but I didn't want to look through the possible hundreds of singers to find it. So at the time, I just made a basic guess knowing it was wrong so I wouldn't frustrate myself looking for it. Then, of course, the little controversy happened, and I called a foul. I'm happy with the outcome, and I'm moving on to the future goos.

Scott Horowitz | March 29, 2005
I was thinking along the same lines as you Mike. I also thought it may have something to do with her baby's name, but alas, I was wrong.

Amy Austin | March 29, 2005
Ditto on the search methods, Mike... isn't it funny how all those things "disappeared" in front of this goo? ;DDD (Good job outsmarting us, Lori... if that was your intention!)

In my own fatigue (and also thinking that it would be a seiyuu), I entered a guess that was already in the library -- I couldn't believe it!!! I've never done that! I totally thought "too obscure" to worry about looking there first. And to add to my "certainty" (never found a source image, but felt good about my guess and another possibility that also turned out to be wrong), Megumi Hayashibari just had a baby, too! Hmmm...

Scott Hardie | March 30, 2005
Scott: The answer wasn't supposed to be there in front of you; it was an accident. I originally wrote that you "cheated' to get the answer, but that would be hacking the site, so I changed it. :-) By intentionally posting the hint myself as game administrator, everybody can now take "fair advantage" of the incident.

Scott Horowitz | March 30, 2005
It was a "fair" advantage, that was my point. :) I'm still working on hacking the site, :). Damn you, and your good code. or my lack of eliteness.... doh.

E. M. | April 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | April 2, 2005
What??? I don't think so, why, what happened?

E. M. | April 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | April 3, 2005
Oh, Well, the Health Goo, I really didn't know so I made my best guess. Last nights goo was my own stupid fault. I made my guess while I was half asleep and wasn't really paying attention. My answer, I feel, is partly correct. But it's not the one Scott was looking for, so I accept that. This is just an off round for me I guess. There's still a long way to go though.

Jackie Mason | May 2, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | May 2, 2005
Thanks. I wish I could have gotten the eyes a little sharper, but it was the best I could do. It's nice to have that one, which took about ten minutes to create, next to 0531, which took about ten seconds. :-)

I didn't realize until people started guessing 0530 that it would look confusing in the Current Scores page, like a blank space.

Amy Austin | May 2, 2005
Yeah, I noticed that, too!

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