Russ Wilhelm | June 18, 2005
Very nicely done. Even after we guessed who the Goo was, we couldn't figure out where Becky fit in. It was't until later in the week that I thought of the connection. So I did a somewhat "Kevin Bacon Game" deal for this. Springfield, if I remember, was Dr. Noah Drake, on General Hopital. Around the same time John Stamos played a character named Blakie. Stamos played Jessie on Full House, and married Lori Loughlin's character Becky .
(And before I start getting harrassed, my sister was the Soap fan, I just got to hear about it.)

This all being hindsight of course, like mostly everyone else who got this one, the song was floating around in my skull since I first read the clue. Once it surfaced enough, you just had to check out his pic's only because of the curiosity.

And while I'm here, way to go Amy on a well deserved win.
Let me ask you, did you save 0575 for last? Think about it, ending the game on a Goo that brought about the apocolypse, which essentially is the end, and topping it off with what looks to be an Imelda to boot.

Amy Austin | June 18, 2005

I've been waiting all week to comment on this one, too! I know that I already mentioned that all I could see was Kevin Bacon's face (did that assist you in your reasoning, Russ -- or were you already thinking the same thing???), but that most ironic thing (of course) was the fact that *instantly* I was singing the clue as I began my infuriating search: "This goo wishes he had Beck-y's gir-rr-rl... duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh..." "He wishes he had Beck-y goo-oo-oo..." interjected frequently with "WHO THE FUCK IS BECKY???!!!"

And I mean that I spent WAY too much time looking for Becky, too. At several points, I was ready to just enter in John Stamos as my guess... even though I was pretty sure that it wasn't him -- because in my search for "Becky", "Becky band", "Becky musician", "Becky divorce", "singer wants Becky", "longs for Becky", "sweet on Becky"... and on and on and on (you get the picture), the one thing that kept on popping up *consistently* was John Stamos... and not just his TV wife "Becky", but real-life wife *Rebecca!* Romijn and their recent divorce!!! So, of course, I checked every picture of John, but I knew that I had never seen him with hair light enough to be the guy I was looking for. So I just gave up for a while. A few times. Did anyone here also know that Keanu Reeves had a little side hobby playing bass for a band called "Becky"??? If "Cinema" had been a category, I probably would have entered him instantly (and been wrong!) when I found that out first thing... but I wound up searching his pics anyway, too! (And yes, I also checked the library, since I thought he had also been a goo, and he had.)

"Duh-nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh... na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-nah -- Tell me! -- Where can I find a goooo like that???" This fucker is pissing me off. So yeah... in the final moments I had left, I searched ol' Ricky's pics.... and boy was I happy/mad! Why, oh WHYYYYY did I not think of it sooner, I asked myself? When will I learn not to ignore such basic instincts??? Okay... so where *did* Becky fit into that, I wondered... Well, I wondered for about five or ten minutes with E, who got home from work very shortly after I got the goo -- just before midnight... (he stayed late preparing for some inspection that was supposed to happen the following day, but did not happen until the day after!) We couldn't figure it out, and so we left it. About half an hour later, when I was no longer even thinking about it (but probably still having the damn tune in my brain, as I am *very* susceptible to "earworms"), I said to him, "DUH! 'Jesse's Girl'... Becky *was* Jesse's girl, both on TV *and* in real-life... DUH!!!" We looked at each other and both nodded in agreement. So... finally put that Becky-wanting fucker to rest. But kept on singing the damn tune.

Nope, Russ -- sorry to say that I did not, in fact, end the round on the little bunny... although that would have been an appropriate choice. I ended on (0576) for more sentimental reasons, thinking the appearance as last goo (unintentionally, even!) to be fortuitous of my win -- but only *if* I could figure out the damn Becky goo!!! So, since my patron saint watched over as I solved that pesky (0573), I finished them in the order they came after that. Good question, though! And thanks for the "congrats"... ;-D (Nice playing, yourself -- scared of you *and* Jerry next round!!!)

Lori Lancaster | June 18, 2005
[hidden by request]

Russ Wilhelm | June 18, 2005
It didn't take me long to figure out that the goo was Springfield. Probably due to my being a rather shallow thinker, so it was banging around loudly in my head. Like you, I was even singing it while searching for the wrong answers, go figure. It was the connection back to "Becky" that had me going. Even after coming up with my theory, I couldn't believe that I was correct. That's a truly diabolical clue, when you still play it long after guessing the Goo.

I don't remember seeing your mention of Kevin Bacon, but I may have glanced over it and subconsiously picked it up. I actually started thinking of it while working on Lori's goo. After trying the straight up approaches on 0573, I was attempting to make round-about-searches to find some sort of connection. I'm very inerested to see what it was I missed, as I think I was on the right path, but didn't follow it far enough.

As for next round I hope to give you a better running. I started this round idly playing for the fun of it. It wasn't until about 3/4 of the way through that I realized that I could see the current standings (shame on me for not paying attention). Then I realized that I was't doing all that bad, and tried to focus better, but unfortunately I was too far behind to catch you two Jedi masters.

Amy Austin | June 18, 2005
That's funny, Lori -- E was kind of hung up on Eminem, too... I kept telling him, "Noooo... it doesn't even look like him, and besides that, he's already been a goo!" ;-D

Scott Hardie | June 18, 2005
Amid all this praise for Scott's goo – Scott, just about any request you make at this point will be granted! – I'll admit that at first, I didn't think it was a good clue, but that's because I thought Scott wanted everyone to get it right. Associating the name "Becky" with "Jessie" requires a familiarity with "Full House" that many people don't have, myself included. Who could be expected to make that connection? But gradually I began to see that clue as intended to frustrate players, not help them, and I grew to like it as much as everyone else. Scott picked the perfect category for his request: If I had reassigned it to "hard" or even "very hard" like I considered, that would have missed the point. Amy's first instinct was right and she only would have missed the goo through second-guessing herself, which is often what a medium goo should do. (And since Amy's greatest strength is that she's unwilling to make any guess until she's 100% certain, it's only appropriate that she occasionally trip over it and nearly guess wrong because of obsessively second-guessing herself.) I have to say, all of this has made me want to keep the traditional difficulty ratings.

Scott Hardie | June 18, 2005
Russ, glad to have you in the game. I didn't realize till now that you hadn't been competing the whole time; you're that good. :-)

Mike Eberhart | June 19, 2005
Just so you know, I got the Becky's goo in about 1 minute. I didn't even read the clue. I saw the picture, and immediately knew who it was. I just did an image search, and found the same picture, then made my guess. Every once in awhile I get one like that.

Amy Austin | June 19, 2005
I knew it had to have been like that for *somebody*... ;-) Lucky. ;-D

Scott Horowitz | June 21, 2005
When I saw the pic, I knew it was simple (but I wrote the clue). This came to me one day while I had the mp3 of Jessie's Girl playing and Full House was on TV. I thought, that would be a great goo clue. I'm working on some good more obscure ones. I'm pissed about Lori's clue though. I knew the goo referred to sailor moon (because of Usagi meaning bunny), but I couldn't get the connection. Can we have a "anime" category? hehe, well played Lori, well played.

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