Evie Totty | December 9, 2021
So I was talking to some folks about tv (?) and Squid Game came up and someone had said that Money Heist was the most watch Netflix show prior to that (it actually isn't - it's sixth).

I had thought to myself "why on Earth is a documentary about various famous robberies the most-watched show?" and didn't investigate further.

Then Season Five pops up on Netflix and I'm like "season five? didn't they just come out with like four episodes in the summer?" - turns out I was thinking of a totally different show (that I don't feel like looking up).

Has anyone else checked this out? I'm not done with season one yet myself, but so far - it's pretty good.

Scott Hardie | December 10, 2021
I haven't seen it, sorry. Netflix cancelled too many of my favorite shows prematurely, so I've mostly stopped watching new shows on there, because why risk falling in love with another one? :-(

Evie Totty | December 10, 2021
Nope, totally get that - I've been gun-shy as well.

Evie Totty | December 12, 2021
Ok I'm on season four and it is slipping more and more into telenovela area.

Oh man.

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