Scott Hardie | September 24, 2005
I went to enter a new goo into the system at 11pm last night, but the site was down, and it was still down at 1:15am when I gave up and went to bed. I guess it's not too late to publish one this morning, but I'll just take a day off anyway. Normally I like to have a couple of weeks' worth of goos entered in advance, but my schedule hasn't permitted me time to do so lately; I've had to settle for one each night, usually just before midnight. I have so much catching up to do with all four sections of this site.

Now that Lion-O has been revealed, any comments? I have listed the incorrect guesses in the explanation field. I could swear we discussed the release of "ThunderCats" on DVD last month when it happened (and Lori's request came in the next day), but now I can't find those comments for my life.

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