Scott Hardie | May 4, 2002
For fun, I added something to TC today: An expanded "now" section. On the sidebar on the right are four images of things I've recently enjoyed - one CD, one movie, one video game, and one book. Previously, if you clicked on any of the images, you'd go straight to that item's listing on Now, there's a separate page for this stuff, which can be accessed by clicking on any of the images. The page will show the five most recent CDs I've heard, the five most recent movies I've seen, up to five video games that I'm currently playing, up to five books that I'm currently reading, and up to five RPGs that I'm currently playing. I think that this feature of the site will become a lot more complex and interactive when the reconstruction is complete in a few weeks. For now, enjoy. (And to suit D R's dated request, there are now text labels for each item.)

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