Scott Hardie | February 13, 2002
Can someone please explain this to me: What is the difference between Mr. Pibb Xtra and ordinary Mr. Pibb? I presume that they taste the same, but there must be some difference. If it's extra caffeine, I need to know, because I can only have so much. The box doesn't say. I ask because Mr. Pibb is my favorite beverage on Earth, and now all vending machines and grocery stores seem to have abandoned it in favor of this Xtra shit.

D. R. | February 13, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 13, 2002
Thanks for the info. I'm disappointed that the switch is permanent. My only hope is that it's some kind of marketing ploy, and they're bringing the real stuff back in a year, like with New Coke. I never thought I'd be one of those people who obsesses over one brand of food and becomes outraged when the company discontinues it or alters the flavor, but, well, here I am.

Scott Hardie | February 15, 2002
Aha! I was at the grocery yesterday for Valentines' Day, and searched the soda aisle. The only Pibb they had in cans was Xtra, but I did find two 2-liter bottles of ordinary Mr. Pibb for $1.47 each. A little expensive, but they could have charged $5.00 each and I'd have still bought them.

What did I buy for Valentines' Day? I was planning to write something for Kelly because I'm broke, 100 Reasons Why Kelly Lee Rocks. But being sick (see next entry) I didn't have it in me, and eBay provided some sudden cash, so I was able to get some red carnations, a red heart-shaped cake, and some red NyQuil for Kelly. :-) She got me a "" shirt. I'm happy.

Erik Nelson | February 17, 2002
You need to go to Dallas, Texas. There is plenty of Regular and Xtra Pibb in Dallas, Texas.

Scott Hardie | February 18, 2002
Are you drinking your fill of it while you're there?

Erik Nelson | February 23, 2002
Only one or two...I primarily stick to water or wine these days...

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