Scott Hardie | February 27, 2002
Now in Technicolor: TC brings you News Of The Day!

- My cousins Tripp and Danietta are having a baby, their first.

- Waking Life comes out on DVD May 5th. It's already on my wish list.

- I need a haircut, but I'm not going to shave it off, and I'm tired of cutting it by hand because I suck at it. That leaves the barber shop. Should I pay $10 to lose an inch of hair all around? It seems like a waste of money. Plus bad memories of that "haircut" entry on VT. (shudder) I guess I'll do it.

- TC got a new table in the sidebar showing what movies, books, etc I've enjoyed lately or am enjoying currently. I have wanted some kind of box like that since I started this site, but I didn't think of a way to do it that I liked until today. It sounds weird to say "now watching" when it's really the last movie that I read, but oh well, consistency.

- Lonesome Dove is a good book, but try doing research on the web about it. Every fucking link is about the TV show or TV movies.

- For every ten good things my nonfiction teacher says or does, there's another one thing that pisses me off about it that balances the score. The assignment was to write a humorous anecdote in a persona. I told the story of Derek Kendzor and me getting into the car accident in 1994. (I don't want to post it here because, imo, it's not funny.) I wrote it my funny voice, which is similar to my serious voice but more playful with word choice and given to tangents. Anyway, she handed me back the paper yesterday with the note, "Why are you so resistant to creating a persona?" I thought I was creating a persona. Granted, I failed, given the fact that the piece wasn't funny, but there's a difference between failure and not trying, and I'd be surprised if this teacher isn't capable of telling it.

- One of my classmates was gone from class, and since absences are not permitted, the other students asked where she was. The teacher said, "She had her baby on Monday." She was pregnant? She was very thin, like 5'10" and 120-130 lbs., my estimate. If you've met Denise Sawicki, think of her size. I was freaked out by that.

- I finally tried Pibb Xtra. My verdict: Yuck. If you've had Cherry Coke, imagine Lemon Pibb. Yup, that's right. Now imagine that Coke was your favorite beverage, and the company was canceling it to sell Cherry Coke exclusively. Fuckers.

- My inheritance finally comes next week, probably late next week. I can finally pay off the WPS3 players. I considered doubling their prize money as a gesture of apology, but for six of the nine of them, that wouldn't make any real difference. :-)

- Speaking of WPS, there's a teaser on that web site, about WPS4. Take a peek.

- I'm trying to create banner ads for my web site. You would not believe how fucking impossible it is to find a free banner ad service out there. They all want to charge $500 a month, because their customers are businesses, not nothing nobodies like me. The cheapest I found was $49 a month. So I thought I'd try programs instead of services, and with Cnet I found just one program, RiadaBillboard, which I'm currently playing with. It works great on my computer, but conks out when I upload it to the web and check it there. (Try it.) I'd be happy just to have a program that randomly juggles banner ads for my various sites, but I'd really like one that lets me set proportions of ads, like right now the proportion of ads for WPS would be low, but then much higher later when it was time to register players.

Kelly Lee | February 27, 2002
kelly sez stop typing so quickly. the last movie that you read?!

K. R. | February 28, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 28, 2002
Kelly: This, from the person who watches every movie with subtitles.

Daniel: Actually, I feel clean after seven straight "laundry days." :-) Every time you spell it Tragi-C I think of that fruit drink Hi-C.

Kelly Lee | February 28, 2002
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Mason | March 1, 2002
[hidden by request]

Kelly Lee | March 3, 2002

We sure had some fun times. Especially after I beat up that Michellin Tire Guy.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

You too can come to my playland kiddies, just collect a bizillion Kool Aid points and you can win a trip with me and my pal Jackie to my playland. Too bad her sister never came.

OH YEAH!!!!!
:Busts through computer screen:

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