Andy Lee | July 18, 2001
At a rave in the harvey, police noticed that noone had brought ecstacy into the rave. Insted, massive amounts of cheetoes were being consumed by the party goers.

Not seeing a problem with this by local law enforcement, they let all the ravers in with there cheetoes. The ravers did not use there binkeys and nuks, they used cheetoes. Grinding there teeth on the snacky food, they waved orange glo- stix in the air. some kids used a feed bag filled with cheetoes insted of the vapor masks smeared with vix vapor rub. The kids went on all night, buying soda pop at 8 bucks a 20 oz bottle. the night was over before they knew, and they all resorted to the rocks for an after party. The cheetoes did not get left behind at the rave, they were found in great numbers at the rocks. Kids selling cheetoes at 25 bux a bag. It is the new "rave Drug" of choice. The cheetoes are still found at raves, but a sure way of spotting someone selling the new drug, is a giant cheeta with sunglasses. they have names for the more powerful cheetoes such as "orange cheetas" and "curls" and even "flaming hot". Now the crack down begins with the cheetoe craze, and the new war is on

Derek Sutcliffe | July 19, 2001
andy i ate all of your CHEETOES MUHAHAHAHHAAHAHA snootchie bootchies

Kelly Lee | July 21, 2001
Andy, you are a dork.

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