Jackie Mason | February 13, 2003
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Scott Hardie | February 13, 2003
I'm no good at dream interpretations, so I'll let someone else answer. I just wanted to say that I often have dreams like your second one. In them, I don't want to do something or go someplace, or basically get into some specific situation, because I think something bad could happen - then I do it, and inevitably the bad thing happens. If I slow it down I can almost feel the apprehension become expectation become dread become actual occurrence. My subconscious is an incorrigible pessimist. It's like those whew! moments in life where something could have gone badly but didn't are not possible in dreams. Of course, knowing any of this doesn't help unless you're a lucid dreamer. I could lie down to sleep tonight and have one of these dreams and not do a damn thing about it. It's unstoppable on two levels. That's discouraging.

Anna Gregoline | February 13, 2003
First of all, Jackie, are you a dancer? Can you not do this in real life? I'd have to know your dancing/not dancing background to speculate on this further, but it sounds like a reaching for more kind of dream.The latter dream, that Scott remarked on, seems to be a common occurance with dreams. I think it's because a lot of our fears and uncomfortable emotions become suppressed during the day's events - we busy ourselves with other things, so when our unconscious mind comes out to play, it has all this leftover worry and whatnot to mess around with. But that's just my two cents.

Lori Lancaster | February 13, 2003
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Jackie Mason | February 14, 2003
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | February 16, 2003
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Scott Hardie | February 16, 2003
Then maybe it's just a wish fulfillment dream, nothing more?

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