Scott Hardie | January 29, 2004
This was going to be a discussion to gripe about a software problem and grovel for a solution. For months now, Internet Explorer has been remembering pages I've visited. I cleaned out my History folder many times, I cleaned out my Temporary Internet Files many times, but still some links appeared dark, as though I had just recently visited them. Today I manually went through every goddamn Temp folder and Temporary Internet Files folder (and I found a lot of them!) and deleted every old file I could find, spending about twenty minutes to do the job as thoroughly as possible. Yet when I started up IE again and started surfing, what do you know? Some of the same links, sites that I hadn't visited in weeks, were still darkened.

So before I started a discussion to gripe about this annoying glitch, I decided to run a little search. Within seconds I had downloaded IE History Clear, a tiny little program. I ran it. It did its job. Whatever I had somehow failed to delete with my thorough scrape of every temp file I had, it managed to find and eliminate. I can finally hit my "Clear History" button in IE and begin surfing the web without my browser experiencing deja vu. So thank you, Fad Software.

Anna Gregoline | January 29, 2004
What a nice little story. I'll have to try that myself. =)

I was relieved to see a post from you, Scott, I'm at work and dying of boredom.

Scott Hardie | January 29, 2004
Well, you can play with this if you'd like. It does have sound effects, though. (Thanks to Mike for that. It's fun.)

Jackie Mason | January 30, 2004
[hidden by request]

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