Scott Hardie | December 17, 2002
Commercials where someone unwraps a gift that turns out to be a cell phone, and suddenly it rings with a call from the person who gave it. There's a local one where an old lady is "home alone" for the holidays, and on Christmas morning she opens her gift, a cell phone, and then it rings and it's her grandson on the other end. What is this kid doing? Watching his grandmother through the window on Christmas morning so he knows the precise moment when she unwraps the phone?

Lori Lancaster | December 17, 2002
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | December 18, 2002
My most hated one is where the dad goes to his daughter's apartment, shoves a phone under the door, and then talks to her when he's back out on the street. Like it would have killed him to stop in and see his daughter?

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