Denise Sawicki | May 11, 2005
The previous discussions about people with silly names and name changes after marriage seem to be closed so here is a tidbit:

Darrell's cousin Rhonda is getting married to a guy whose last name is Conda. Ha ha... We don't actually know the woman so we don't know if she's really planning on calling herself that...

Amy Austin | May 11, 2005
Hahaha -- that *is* funny, Denise! I don't know which is worse in that scenario, though: "Rhonda" or "Ana/Anna"...

P.S. -- I have a very close friend named "Denise", and we've both noticed that when we type it too fast, it comes out "Densie"... that ever happen to you? ;-)

Denise Sawicki | May 11, 2005
Yeah, I do that all the time. That or Dense. I even write Dense with a pencil by accident.

Amy Austin | May 11, 2005
he heh... write on.

Steve Dunn | May 12, 2005
I have a friend named Valerie Nelson who is dating a guy named... Nelson.

It's not exactly perfectly crazy, but we have fun with it.

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