Anna Gregoline | February 2, 2003
Clickhere for the article's assessment. What do YOU think? Any included you love, or are there some missing that deserve some attention?

Scott Hardie | February 3, 2003
I've only seen maybe half of the episodes, but my favorite has to be "Marge Be Not Proud" from Christmas 1995, the one where Bart is caught shoplifting the video game and Marge loses respect for him. It was funny (the Bonecrusher commercial was a great Mortal Kombat spoof), but it was unafraid to get sentimental at the end. As anyone who reads my TC and TMR rants knows, I hate the age of irony in the late nineties, and "The Simpsons" was a victim of it as much as anything else. The characters were incapable of showing genuine feelings of any kind, let alone love and affection. "Marge Be Not Proud" was one of the last episodes to get sentimental before everybody turned mean (especially the fucking jerk Homer) and so it holds extra weight for me.

Anna Gregoline | February 3, 2003
Yes, but doesn't irony mean "hip" and "contemporary?"=)

Jackie Mason | February 3, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 3, 2003
Anna: Hopefully not for much longer. :-) You know me; I'll take genuine over hip any day.

Jackie: I agree that that's one of the worst episodes. The worst episode cited by the article, "Bart to the Future," wasn't very good, but at least it included the gem, "Smell ya later, Bart... Smell ya later forever."

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