Scott Hardie | June 1, 2019
I could swear that we discussed this already, but I can't find it in TC's archives for the life of me, so maybe not.

What year was the best ever for movies?

I have long been partial to 1999, but I figured that's just because it was a pivotal year in my transition to adulthood and so everything felt more important than it was. Some of the movies that year were legitimately transformative to cinema, like The Matrix and The Blair Witch Project. Many others were also quite good, from American Beauty to The Sixth Sense to Being John Malkovich to Election. Even otherwise minor films like South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut stick with me twenty years later.

Now a film critic has written an entire book about how 1999 is the best movie year, and I wonder if maybe I'm not so biased after all.

What movie year would you say was the best ever?

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