Scott Hardie | October 28, 2002
To see "Punch-Drunk Love" yesterday, my mom and I went to a new theater in Saint Petersburg. It was a nice place, obviously brand new. Part of the wallpaper was a strip of movie tiles up near the ceiling, one after another, and I didn't see any repeats. They were all classic titles, the great movies of all time, and I didn't see anything recent, not even Titanic. Anyway, one of the titles had been covered up with sheets of construction paper. Instead of asking the staff what it was and why it was covered, my mom and I made a game of trying to guess what it was. It started with T, and was medium length. We never did figure it out. We couldn't figure out any classic movie titles that were offensive, and if it was the movie itself that was offensive, the only thing I could think of was "The Birth of a Nation," which would have been just a little too long to fit in that space. Any ideas?

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